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  • Processing with the required quantity. 
  • Full red bill, tested by the Ministry of Health. 
  • Cheapest, most convenient procedure. 
  • There is absolutely no research fee 
  • Can adjust the recipe as you like
  • New, exclusive materials
  • Support consulting registration of records, bar codes, product names, recipe design, packaging …
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Customer to speak

I am a single father myself. When my little girl was sick, I felt very confused and anxious. When recommended by a friend for products in Hoang Ha. I tried giving my baby a drink and within 2 years, every time I was sick, I used the products of...
Le Minh Khoi
Le Minh Khoi Teacher
Characterize your own career or communicate with customers. Especially having to say a lot in 1 day. When using the medicine for sore throat in the Yellow River, I feel very assured about the quality and origin of the medicine. I wish the company more and more development to...
Ngo Nguyen Yen Nhi
Ngo Nguyen Yen Nho Head of customer care department
As a sports player, I need a lot more energy than normal people. Using drugs after injury time, I feel my health is much better. The injuries are recovered faster so I can continue to play sports.
Hoang Nhat My
Hoang Nhat My Volleyball athletes

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Ask the doctor

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