I want to monopolize a product, how do I do it?

Date: 25/ 02/2019

Each product when marketed is the result of research and investment of the owner. Therefore, the registration for protection of product monopolies is essential, avoiding the use or imitation of third party products that will affect the business process of the manufacturer.

Conditions for exclusive product registration
Basically, a product will include the following elements to be able to Register for exclusive products.

a. Element of product name and mode of product label display (product name)
b. The external shape of the product (product differentiation)
c. Product specifications or product formulas.

In the above three factors, the factors (a) and (b) are the most important factors. Because they help customers distinguish this company’s products from other company products.

With this, customers should register for protection for the above two elements to register their products exclusively. Specifically:

1. Register element (a) in the form of Trademark Registration

2. Register element (b) in the form of Industrial design registration

The procedure for product registration is not too expensive compared to the practical benefits. Therefore, when creating products, especially products of commercial value and most likely to be illegally used, appropriated, the author and owner should quickly carry out exclusive registration .