3 remedies or treatment of osteoarthritis

Date: 25/ 02/2019

Seasonal, osteoarthritis increased. In addition to working hard, patients can refer to some traditional remedies after treating osteoarthritis.

Lesson 1: Hoai Son, the blind, the monk, the hog, the hottie, the millennium, the blood, the single leaf of the crane, the si root, the elephant’s trunk, the five-fold family.

The position on the right soaked formulas balance a ladder, put in super, pour 3 bowls of water, sharp and take a bowl, only sharp 1 take 1 bowl (200ml) divided into 2 times to drink. How to use each day to drink a ladder divided into 2 busy early in the morning and when going to bed at night Drink 10-15 stairs. If the foot hurts more and more quince, oxen all. Preserving spleen, kidney, and low-grade spleen that produces bone pain, body aches, shoulder aches, backache, limb aches, or painless, mild rheumatism is also not possible. Taboo pregnant should not be used. Fasting crabs, eels, snails, frogs, stalks, batches.

Lesson 2: Mulberry branch, male cow ox, pinecone, geography, cinnamon, farewell, mulch, mugwort, rooster, yellow turmeric, leaflets, elephant’s trunk, and reduced oil roots.

You put it in the pot and fill it with water, boil it thoroughly, filter it out, squeeze it out, then boil it again and it becomes high and add 30% alcohol to use. Usage: Take 3 times daily before 2 meals and go to bed at night. Take 1 spoon each time. The patient belongs to the type of pale skin, white tongue is mixed with alcohol and drink. The patient belongs to the type of heat red face skin, the red tongue is mixed with boiling water to cool and drink. Children aged 10-15 years, drink half a teaspoon with cool boiled water.

Preside over the treatment of leprosy, numbness, defeat, swollen, flesh and skin that do not know the pain, or swelling of the joints, or sharp pain in the flesh, or limbs that are trembling, or half-hearted …

Lesson 3: Millennium events, blood, spleen, scratched grass, cinnamon chi injection, far from coins, peppermint, sacred spirit, parasitic mourning or mourning, earth for spirituality, customary, wood pine, and death decrease. Add 4 bowls of shallow water to 1 bowl. Excellent day 2 times, drink in the morning and evening after dinner. At drug hot drink. This article can approve powder, when using 12g with the back of the bowl of boiling water and hot drink. Drink 10-15 stairs.

The treatment of leprosy, numbness, low back pain, pain in joints, limbs, body aches in the type of evidence. Some people use it to avoid pain, some suffer from pain for a few hours and gradually reduce the disease.

Taboo: Pregnancy is not used. Abstain from frogs, puffs, colon, buffalo meat, cattle, shrimp, crabs, tomatoes and raw vegetables.