Improper cold medicine, young girl hospitalized for liver failure

Date: 25/ 02/2019

A lot of people think that flu is a small disease, just take a few days to buy it yourself but sometimes, it is this habit that puts us at risk.

Typical is the story of Tieu Mai, from Shanghai, China. One day she felt a headache and showed signs of mild fever so she went to buy flu medicine to drink. The medicine she bought in Acetaminophen-containing ingredients has analgesic and antipyretic effects. Tieu Mai takes 4 tablets a day according to the instructions for use.

Continuously 9 days of using drugs, flu of Tieu Mai does not cease but more symptoms of nausea and prolonged diarrhea. Upon admission, Tieu Mai was in an unstable mental state, losing her sense of diagnosis of acute liver failure. The doctor said that at that time, her health situation was very dangerous, disease changes erratically. Transaminase index in the liver after testing up to 17000 + u / L is many times higher than normal and signs of necrosis.

With the constant emergency efforts of the doctors at the hospital, ultimately Xiao Mai’s transaminase index also decreased to approximately 5000 u / L and other indicators also gradually recovered as the initial state.

After regaining Tieu Mai’s life from death, the doctors advised her not to use cold medicine indiscriminately because the cold medicine contains Acetaminophen as a fever-reducing and pain-relieving medicine with certain medicinal properties. If overdose causes liver damage. The amount of Acetaminophen present in the drug used daily should not exceed 2000 mg.

Specialist recommends 3 notes for flu:

– In the case of a mild flu, we should not abuse the flu medicine. We need to rest our body, drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits to help the body replenish nutrients and recover.

– Do not use too much flu medicine at once will cause adverse effects and lead to liver failure.

– Do not drink alcohol during use. Alcohol reduces the function of the liver, making it impossible for the liver to perform well its toxic function, which greatly affects health.

Also during the use of cold medicine if there are signs of fatigue or abnormal signs should immediately go to a medical facility to check.

Notes when using flu medicine:

– Do not use flu medicines, antipyretics and analgesics at the same time.

– Drink plenty of water when using the medicine

– Take the medicine before going to bed from 15-30p. Drink 8 hours apart.