Medicines need to be ‘stored’ in the house when Tet comes

Date: 25/ 02/2019

Tet holidays, erratic activities and diets may cause you and your family to experience some unwanted health problems. Here are some medicines that need to be available in the medicine cabinet on this occasion.

A long Tet holiday is an opportunity for the whole family to rest and reunite in a warm atmosphere. But perhaps because of that, this is also the time when every living lifestyle has been turned upside down, not to mention the “drop-off” eating habits and new year gatherings can be the causes for you and your loved ones to meet must have some health problems. Therefore, you should prepare a few medicines that you need in your family medicine cabinet.

1. Cold and fever medicine

This is a daily necessity for family medicine. Flu can happen when the body gets the virus, especially on Tet days, people travel a lot. In addition, sudden weather changes can also lead to sneezing, runny nose, cough, etc., which are the first symptoms of flu.

In addition, each medicine cabinet needs to store fever-reducing medicine to treat fever, body aches, and headache like paracetamol. Exchange on Health & Life, Pharmacist Ha Thu Thuy said, these days, people often give each other alcoholic drinks that drink too much and long days can increase the risk of paracetamol that is toxic to the liver. Therefore, when using paracetamol analgesic, it is forbidden to drink alcohol.

You may consider using combination drugs such as decolgen, tiffy, coldacmin … These are drugs that usually combine paracetamol with an antihistamine (anti-allergy) such as clopheniramine or / and vasoconstrictor … but these drugs do not use used in patients with hypertension (if it contains vasoconstrictor) or when taking it to stay at home because it can cause drowsiness (for drugs containing antihistamines).

2. Gastrointestinal drugs

Gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea or constipation are all easily encountered during the Tet holiday because of changing eating habits: not eating on time or eating too much … can cause you trouble. Therefore, you need to “take care” of medications to treat flatulence, indigestion or abdominal pain.

On VnExpress, Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Bach Mai Hospital, said that families can store antacids containing anti-flatulence drugs that increase gastric motility but should pay attention to adult medicines and medicines for children.

According to Ha Thu Thuy Pharmacist, some anti-digestive drugs need to be prepared include: antacid containing magnesium to reduce bloating due to increased acidity, heartburn, indigestion and heartburn (gastroesophageal reflux – esophagus); drugs that help regulate stomach contractions; Digestive enzymes and anti-diarrhea drugs.

If food poisoning leads to diarrhea, it is necessary to immediately pack one pack of oresol into exactly one liter of cooled boiled water to dissolve it and then drink it to make up for water and electrolytes, and find a way to vomit all that food out. . If oresol is not available, it can be replaced with salt, salt or salt porridge (1 teaspoon of salt with 8 tablespoons of sugar in 1 liter of water) will be used to drink when you have diarrhea.

Some antibiotics are often used in acute diarrhea such as co-trimoxazol (biseptol, bactrim), berberin … However, if you see severe conditions, you need to go to emergency immediately, absolutely do not use pepper. flows like loperamide, opioids … because the body needs to release the toxins that have been invaded.

3. Specialized medicine

Chronic illnesses such as hypertension, asthma, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and gout are often related to diet, especially during Tet holidays. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the amount of medication to be sufficient with the disease, to have medicine to drink regularly, absolutely not to give up or use irregularly due to lack of medicine.

4. Cough and allergy medicine

Maybe during the New Year days, you will accidentally get a real allergy to food, weather or other disease-causing factors. Therefore, you can prepare some medicines in advance to treat allergy signs.

For children with cough due to allergies, buy syrup-like medicine containing histamine antibiotics to relieve cough for children. If it is a cough medicine, a pill containing codeine is for adults only.