Patients are miserable because of 40% of prescription errors

Date: 25/ 02/2019

At the Clinical Pharmacology Conference, which took place in Hanoi, medical experts provided statistics: through surveys of 5,300 prescriptions of two public hospitals, there were 2,000 wrong prescriptions.

It means that nearly 40% of prescriptions are prescribed by doctors to patients in the wrong way, at the wrong time, or wrong medicine groups. Prescription drugs are incapable of healing, which is startling. In addition to the limited level of the team of doctors, it must mention the factors … benefits. Because, through surveys in 10 provinces across the country, the health sector also found 66% of prescriptions containing vitamins, functional foods or expensive proprietary medicines!

Everyone knows, prescription drugs are very important for patients. However, there is currently no mechanism to monitor prescription quality. The patient kept holding the doctor’s prescription to go buy, but could not know the risk lurking from indifference or attempting at the very people who wore white blouses. In the past, doctors prescribed medicine in no-read script, in addition to some drug salespeople where the pharmacy had a close relationship that the doctor ordered to buy. Why is that? Because every prescription is given a doctor’s prescription for the doctor. Now, the prescription is readable by computers, patients but it is also impossible to measure other doctors’ procedures, in order to link with the customer bag companies. Vitamins do not work to treat diseases, functional foods do not support the treatment of diseases and different types are not directly treated, still appear on the prescription, then the obsession with moral decline also exposes. !

A proper prescription, must show the full name, gender, address of the patient, and also have the name, address, signature, and specific advice of the doctor. Even a doctor’s phone number is a factor in a prescription, so that a pharmacist can talk about questions about some of the drugs that are not clear according to the treatment regimen. At the moment, very few prescriptions meet these basic requirements, so many patients, despite spending money, do not recover!

In 2019, the health sector implemented control of the pharmacy network through its own technology software. If the daily turnover and drug number of each pharmacy are closely monitored, why float the prescription of a doctor? If you want to prescribe a prescription that is just right enough to treat the patient, apply the prescribing pharmacy rule to always prescribe a doctor’s prescription to the computer system. When the prescription is made public, the doctor cannot use tricks to force the patient to buy and drink drugs that are not related to their illness. On the other hand, through a prescription, each medical facility also assesses how each doctor has an “attitude like a doctor” attitude.